Blue Card: the protocol

On June 20th 2016 a Protocol between the Interior Ministry and Confindustria was signed in order to facilitate the release of the so called “Blue card ” procedures, the Blue Card is valid in the European Union for highly skilled foreign workers from non-EU countries.The purpose of the Protocol is to reduce the time to allow access on the Italian territory for highly skilled foreign workers (see the Testo Unico, Legislative Decree no. 286/1998, art. 27 – quater). To date the timing and procedures are indeed very strict and lengthy, the intent is to streamline procedures of the immigration offices.By joining the Blue Card Protocol, the participating company, committing to compliance with the conditions required by the Protocol, it will have the option to bypass the lengthy procedure that provides for the issuance of the authorization. The communication for a residence contract may be sent directly to the immigration office in order to allow the entrance of highly skilled workers of own interest in the italian territory.The Ministry, it is said in the protocol, will allow firms associated with Confindustria to access directly to the computer system to submit the contract proposal: firms will have, of course, to respect the national CBA applied, ensuring the possession of a degree and its economic capacity to support the costs of hiring.The agreement follows on the heels of the targets set by the European Commission on the theme of migration policies. The commission intends to operate a systemic reform of the Blue Card legislation in order to establish a clearer and more accesible regulatory framework, improving the flexibility of the European labor market.