NEWS on “new employment social insurance” (NASpI)


Inps circular note 194/2015 about social safety nets has provided new details for NASpI (“new employment social insurance”).

Firstly, the legislative decree 148/2015 on reorganization of social safety legislation, has raised up the maximum limit of treatment duration: for all the unemployment events starting from January 1st 2017, NASpI will be granted for a maximum period of 24 months, instead of 78 weeks.

The second important new is about the simplification of the DID (“employee work-availability form”) delivery procedure. It will be enough to apply the request directly to INPS and this will be automatically equivalent to the DID.

At the moment there are two different ways for DID application by:

  • Online application on ANPAL portal (national work policies portal)
  • Sending ASpI request, or unemployment benefit request (NASpI)

The procedure goes on with the registration of the user’s application. The local employment center provides the assignment with a professional rank, in order to valuing the employability level of the candidate.