The last four decrees of the Job Act (L. 183/2014) have been approved. They concern:

  • the reorganization of the welfare;
  • the simplification of procedures and obligations for citizens and companies and other provisions on employment and equal opportunities;
  • the simplification of inspection;
  • the reorganization of the legislation on employment services and active policies.

The enhancements are multiple, below is a summary of some of the key.
Resignation. In order to combat the phenomenon of SO-CALLED “Blank resignations” was introduced a new system of certification of resignation: will be made available on the website of the Ministry of Labour in a form that will allow the attribution to the resignation of a number and a date certain, from having to send through an approval procedure telematics.
Remote controls. It was rewritten Article. 4 of the Workers’ Statute introducing a discipline on the remote control, or the ability of the employer, after informing the employee and in compliance with privacy regulations, to use the results of monitoring of data on tools supplied to workers ( eg. Smartphones, tablets, etc.) for purposes related to the employment relationship. The implementation of the provisions of the new art. 4 does not require the permission of the union and the Ministry of Labour, that continue to be provided for the installation of the cameras.
Social safety nets. They were reviewed the numerical requirements of the companies that may use the layoff extending coverage to companies small (limits to be defined in subsequent decrees). The duration was set at 24 months in a five-year period furniture, elevating to 36 months in case of an appeal for solidarity. It was then introduced in order to determine the contribution rate applicable to undertakings, the mechanism of the bonus malus (application of higher rates for those who make use of layoffs). The decrees in question have also defined the structural durability of the hose reel, which is 24 months.