The growing flexibility of working hours, employee mobility, the demand for external collaboration, the need to reduce labor costs require a system of advanced presence management and able to respond to the diverse needs.

For these reasons, our study offers customers a range of solutions in order to reduce data management tailored to the business needs and regulatory changes, ensuring timely administration of personnel.

So we tried to simplify what are the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors, with the aim of reducing this way the time of compilation of the attendance sheet, endorsement and reporting for payroll and trying to meet the needs of companies of different size or through a web technology and tools of work flow for managing communications between employees and the personnel department.

It offers in this regard a comprehensive suite designed and configured in a manner innovative technology, supported by cloud servers with guaranteed uptime to 99%, with the intent to optimize the information and business collaboration, thereby improving the efficiency of processes.

Through the use of our service, you can:

  • Load and detect in real time, and even off-site, presence and absence;
  • Simplify procedures which weigh on the office staff, eliminating the flow “paper”;
  • Improve operations in a work context evolving legislation;
  • Manage resources in the best way with the personal needs;
  • Control personnel costs;
  • Decentralize entry tasks and authorization of the order;
  • Optimize management time allowing office staff to control all operations with respect to workflow processes.

For each customer it guarantees the confidentiality of all information, both as regards the management of the data for the master data of employees trying to minimize the network traffic.

Through the activation of a log, allows recording of historical data, records, schedules, and anytime you can reconstruct, modify and delete all the information necessary (cd / data logging).

The main features of the service software are:

  • database management employees (and consequent historicizing);
  • management of working time, contractual collective or individual for each employee;
  • Management holidays;
  • management ceilings and period indicated for diseases;
  • Management parental leave;
  • management ceilings absence customizable;
  • Control of the evidence of absence from work;
  • use of causal customized;
  • management fringe benefits;
  • remuneration policy;
  • accounting payroll.